Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Weird Sky

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 23, 2018
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Last evening the sun and clouds were acting silly so the Teams headed out for a picture or three.

This first picture was originally supposed to be a neat picture of the sunlight reflecting across Little Bay. By the time we had shot the reflected sun a few times it was apparent it was not going to be anything special. So we sat there keeping the mosquitoes company while waiting for inspiration. In a moment or four a bird flew in and landed near a nearby bush. Very shortly the sun light reflection came over to put the spotlight on the birds activities. This is the neat picture that resulted.

After that fortunate accident Sierra took us for a ride over by the harbor. As we approached the remaining natural light took on a wild color. The camera was grabbed and the picture taken. This is very close to the actual color of things for about three or four minutes. We had never seen this hue of light in the area before but it was another neat experience.

The medical panic is over so the Teams had a big meeting about our situation and a vote was taken. The vote was 823 to 0 in favor of a vacation of rolling tires. Great. Now where to roll the tires. Well that "where" item was a little less easy to chose. After many votes the final winner by a vote of 710 to 113 was “higher elevation”. So we are heading to “higher elevation” on Tuesday morning. We all agreed we needed to be back at Rockport before the cold weather got us so we plan to be back the first week of November.

Today was a bright, hot, burn the skin on your arms sunny afternoon perfect for getting ready. The OFM has started the check list for rolling and tomorrow is laundry, shopping and put the trailer hitch back on Sierra day.

We have already plotted five possible routes to “higher elevation” but all of them start with Rockport to Hondo Tx as the first leg of the adventure. After that we do not know exactly what our route will be. Most likely we will be in the North Texas to Northwest New Mexico area for trying to have tooooo much fun in “higher elevation”.

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