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Lucky Sucker

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 13, 2018
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We ran around today accomplishing more tasks that needed attention. Starting and stopping several times all over the area. When we decided to take a break and watch the waves a few minutes we headed to the Beach Park. But first a necessity stop was made at the Harbor public restrooms.

On coming back to Sierra, the OFM climbed into the seat, hit the start button and nothing happened. A couple of more tries and he knew we were in trouble.  OOPS his phone was at the Castle. A quick look around could not see any of the old fishing buddies. The Aransas County Navigation District office was just across the street. So the OFM desperately strolled across the street.

Entering the door he was nicely welcomed. After explaining his plight, the nice lady at the desk offered him to use a phone to call the roadside assistance the Teams has. As that call was being made, one of the resident boat dwellers ( a marine style of RV life) came in to get his mail. After he heard our plight, he generously offered to walk back to his boat slip and get his car to jump Sierra.

He and his wonderful puppy went back and was soon back to the site of the stress and the OFM. The vehicles were jumped and Sierra fired right up.  Massive Thank Yous were given out and we headed to Walmart.

Thirty minutes later and $185 broker the OFM Teams were on their way. We also replaced our jumper cables that had insulation crumbling from them with new ones.  It was an expensive afternoon but at least it was where we could get wonderful folks to help. We feel fortunate that the flat tire from last week and the failed battery today did not happen on the road from Alabama. We still do not recommend either event as something for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you found nice folks to come to your aid.

  2. Nuce to get a boost from the friendly boater, now you good to out more and have fun.

  3. It shows there are still people that have the sense of human kindness willing to help someone in need. It's also a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. We once called for help with a dead battery. They said two hours. A few minutes later someone offered us a jump start. That worked so we called the service company to say never mind. I got the impression that's why they always say 2 hours--to give the caller a chance to call back and say never mind.

  5. Ever since I started traveling alone, I've carried a portable jump starter. It will not only jump start a vehicle but has an air compressor and power connections to charge a cell or run a small fan. I've used it more on other peoples vehicles that are in a position that makes it difficult to pull another vehicle close enough to jump. It is a comforting feeling knowing it is in the back floorboard when I'm out in places where no one is around. Be safe out there Barney, enjoy Texas.