Nest for the Night

Adventure Location: Alabama, Mississippi
Adventure Date:September 6, 2018
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We got finished with all the goodbyes and on the road by 0900 this morning. Good grief the OFM had lost his traveling legs. It took about an hour before he got comfortable with the traveling. It was a really good stay grandkid wise but four months is a long time in a campsite.

Any way the Interstate highways sure let you get on down the road at a good speed. The speed control was set on 60 and mostly the traffic ran very politely. We hit two short stretches of horrendously hard rain on I-20 in Mississippi but each lasted about four minutes before we could get back up to speed.

We found out the OFM is about a six hour driving person now. That means that around 300 miles is a day for him now. So the trip planning will be adjusted for his old man limit.

We turned into Roosevelt SP in Morton Ms. with about 289 miles on the trip odometer. The OFM groaned in appreciation for getting to tonight’s nest spot. It cost a drive out of $17.75. Here is what it looks like.

Roosevelt SP Nest

It is a good site. We backed in, set the truck parking brake, hooked up the electrical and set up was finished. It will make a really good get going in the morning.

Walking around the park revealed very little storm damage. Lots of little limbs and some leaves scattered about is about the most visible. A couple of very rotted pine trees look like they may have fallen too.

Tomorrow it is about 260 miles of I-20 then a left turn onto a state highway for 45 miles.  Our next nest should be another nice one. Being back in Texas tomorrow will make it easier for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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