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Black Tank Flushing Water

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 20, 2018
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This mornings eye test showed a normal old man progression that leads to cataract surgery and new lenses. So everything is OK but deterioration will have to be handled in the future. 

Now for a better topic.

After 45 years of using RVs of several types the OFM thinks his opinion is accurate but not the only one that works. If an RV of any type is on the road frequently and the black tank treated properly, the black tank needs no other treatment. The sloshing of the fluids in the black tank will keep the tank plenty clean enough to not have build ups to cause trouble.

The troubles can come when the rig is not moved for months on end ( like five months of visiting the grandkids ). Most RVers know to leave the black tank valve closed and have a good amount of liquid in the tank. Leaving the valve open frequently lets the water run away from the solids and build very strong dams of solid muck in the tank. Dynamite will break the dams up but sometimes it causes minor other trouble. Then when using the toilet be sure to run a bit extra water into the tank so it will keep things flow-able.

So what do you do to keep a stationary black tank from getting constipated. You flush it! There are several wands/rods on the market for that purpose. We have tried several and when used properly they all worked well enough.

The trouble has always been getting the water to the wand to do the work. Most folks run a water hose through the RV interior and over to the wand. A few others are lucky enough to have a usable window in the bathroom. They remove the window screen and run the hose right into the bathroom. On the Castle this route was available.

 It always seemed guaranteed the hose would track lots of trash into the RV to help make a mess. If the hose fitting leaks it becomes a big mess. Yes we have experience on the big mess part. Take our word for it, it is much better to have a human both inside and outside during this type of operation. The outside human must stay near the shut off valve and pay attention to the cleaning operation and NOT be socializing.

Today we found a better solution. But it will take another whole blog entry to show the DEVICE the OFM built and how it almost makes flushing the black tank an effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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