Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Getting Ready

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:September 3, 2018
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The OFM busied himself with getting the Castle more ready to roll. He was waiting for an update from the Weather folks. He installed the replacement pieces of the trailering add on mirror that had lost a piece. Then he spent a while deciding on a way to store the mirrors so no more pieces would get lost. Then he figured out a good place to store the spare parts that came with the one piece that was lost. And that worked out well also.  It was nice to have that necessary bit of work finished.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. None yet.

OK. Now we find a place in Sierra to carry the heavy wrenches  for adjusting or installing the hitch or other heavy bolts etc. They went under the back seat very well. that gets them out of the storage bin where the electrical cords, hoses, and other smaller things are kept. Now we will no longer be getting pinched fingers from a heavy wrench slipping and biting us.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. None yet.

All right we might as well sanitize the water tank. So the tank was drained and a wash of bleach was put into the tank and left for a few minutes. A lot of folks do not use the water tank for drinking but they shower and wash dishes in the water they will not drink. Not within our understanding. We keep the tank clean and use it as our water supply. It is a forty gallon tank.

Then the bleach water was emptied and the tank flushed until the chlorine no longer showed odor in the draining water. Then we filled it about 1/3 of the way for our trip to Rockport.  That saves about 200 pounds of towed weight to only fill with as much as you will need.  Then a couple of other things were put away.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. And there was one. Gordon was due to become a hurricane tomorrow and follow a path shown across the country RIGHT IN OUR WAY.

We would have to share I-20 with Gordon for a day and a half. That is a no go for the OFM Teams.  So we notified the campground in Rockport we will be running late due to a small weather event.

Then we went into the office at this park and scheduled another day at Point Mallard Campground. So now we are leaving Thursday so we will be safe from Gordon. We will sneak right in behind that devil of a wind storm. Our drive to Rockport should be a lot nicer without fighting hurricane mess as a way of having tooooo much fun.

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