Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama



Adventure Location: Seminole Canyon SP, TX
Adventure Date:9/28/2018
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It has been a day of adventures. Let us start with boondocking. It became wonderful boondocking weather about midnight last night. It was 64 this morning and 79 for the high today. All day has been a gentle breeze working in our favor.

The OFM had to get in a lot of walking today. One of the loops was over to the boondocking section of the park. It has nice pull through sites with paved roads and campsites. We stopped at the top of the nearby hill and took this picture. We have spent time there on several occasions.

There are lots of significant length trails in this park. Several of them start at the same point next to the boondocking area. These signs always amuse the OFM for some reason.

Hey there George. This looks like a nice trail for your morning walkabout.

The OFM has walked that trail several times in the past. Even longer ago when it was legal still, he and friends have mountain biked the whole trail. It was a lot of fun.

Since the internet has been down since we got here and most cell phones do not get signal, we have been doing other things. The OFM, today, finally finished some colored pencil art. This painting is titled Cold Winter Beach.


Hopefully this post will be posted on 9/29. We roll in the morning and hope to have wifi at the next stop. 

One thing for sure, we are not letting the lack of wifi get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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