Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Big Loop

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 17, 2018
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Our adventure today was a drive to Corpus Christi and the big loop back through Port Aransas. While we were gone Corpus has made good progress on the new bridge over the ship channel. We have no idea what it will look like or where the roads will flow afterwards. However for now the roads flow is not very well done with all the construction intruding into the traffic lanes.

We made it through and on down to Packery Channel without any real trouble. After parking at the Packery parking lot, the OFM decided we would do some fishing.  The gear was assembled and away we went. One nice picture was taken.
Packery Channel

The temperature was approaching 90 before too long and the OFM had to call it quits. The Vietnamese lady fishing nearby was giving the watchers lessons in proper fishing techniques. She was boxing another big fat croaker about every ten minutes. The OFM was envious.

The trip through Port Aransas showed that a lot of Hurricane Harvey work has been finished. However there is a lot left to do. One thing the OFM had forgotten was the ferry to get back to the mainland. It took about a half hour of waiting before we loaded. Here is a picture of our beautiful view from on the ferry.

Port Aransas Ferry

We have to remember to factor the ferry time in on future trips over to Mustang Island.

After a good supper of chicken fajitas, the OFM took us down to the harbor to relax from the busy day. He grabbed a rod with a 1/2 oz silver spoon on it. The first cast resulted in catching a really pretty 12 inch speckled trout. It was put back in and not other fish were hooked. However we did get a lot of hits that we could not hook. Our guess is that the fish were too small for that large of a lure.

But the water was pleasant and the day cooled down to 82 with a gentle breeze. It was a nice way of bringing to a close a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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