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Major Beach Canyon

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 22, 2018
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Riding around looking at the Rockport and Aransas Pass progress with Hurricane Harvey recovery was the big event for the day. A little cleaning of the trailer wiring connection to Sierra took a few minutes and 437 mosquito deaths.

We have a couple of pictures from down by the Rockport Beach to share. The first one is a major canyon that the rain and flooding cut through the land into the beach.

Notice how wide and deep it is and the volume of water racing to the gulf. Yep it was nearly a disaster. Close to 14“ wide and 2“ deep it required 2 foot scrapes to complete the closure to prevent other massive erosion.  That sounds like a lot of the news nonsense that comes from many stations.

Actually the rain storms did drop enough water to cause several of these cuts from the grassy picnic area to form. They quickly had the beach rakes and tractors out raking the beach smooth again.

This next picture is the beach that evening with a bit of cloud scenery.

As you can tell it was an easy day of trying to have just a little fun and rest for a change.

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