Lots of Blooms

Adventure Location: Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date:September 26, 2018
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We rolled late morning and made our first stop at Spur 406 Campground.  The grass was about 9 inched high and the temps had the OFM sweating by the time he walked around the campsite. We decided that this location would have to wait and rolled on.

We got to Seminole Canyon SP just after noon. Lots of sites were available and we chose old reliable #3. Here is our nest.

After setup it was determined that the free wifi was worthless. It would not stay hooked up for more than a couple of minutes. So we are without wifi until we go somewhere else. Where will that be? We don’t know!

Since there is no usable wifi, it was time to meander a little bit. The park had a lot of rain recently so it is very green around here and the flowers are blooming.

The sage has a few blossoms which are really pretty as usual.

The verbena are really doing a great job of showing off in large quantity.

We were over in the brush when this nice picture came into view. It is of some old ranching buildings in the park. We thought it looked it looked nice framed in the desert vegetation.

This will be published when we can. In the meantime we are going to be out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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