Productive Day

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 10, 2018
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It was amazing that the long list of things to get done here in Rockport only took today to finish. Sierra was inspected, the OFM has eye doctor appointments and etc.  We even got is a little fishing.

There is still a noticeable amount of hurricane Harvey damage yet to be done. Next to the Market Street pier where we fished this afternoon is this motel pier waiting for a little touch up work with the repair crews.

The motel appears to be finished with repairs and back in business now.

The public fishing pier is a rock groin with a paved walkway on top and a good handrail. The rocks in the water get a good coating of vegetation that brings in bait fish which in turn brings in nice fish. Here is a picture of our lure over some of the rocks in about four feet of water.

The OFM Fishing Team did not get any bites. It has been having heavy rains around here for days so the bays are running very fresh. Most likely we need to go to the channel running into the Gulf to find some catchable fish. That will have to wait a few days yet.

And when we exited the pier some pretty yellow flowers were waving Bye Bye to us.

A good part is that it is only a few blocks up the road to a decent BBQ place. It was very good and now the OFM keeps hitting his head on the keyboard from nodding off to sleep.

Getting all those chores done is great for tomorrow and trying to have tooooo much fun meeting with old friends.

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