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Rockport Nest Finally

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 9, 2018
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The morning started with light rain and continued to have light rain almost all the way to Rockport. It was an uneventful trip other than the light rain. We arrived at our new nest for the next few months. When the owner got home from grocery shopping the OFM helped her get the groceries into the house and then visited with her and her husband until it was time to pay out some money. Here is the Teams new nest.

Since it was after noon the OFM hot footed it over to a good Tex-Mex place and chowed down big time. Then walked next door to the fishermans dream toy store named Tackle Town. Yep we watched him unload some money into their pockets. But good toys always cost money. After posting tonight the Teams plan on fixing up some surprises for the fish.

For the rest of the day we toured the area to see how well it was recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Down at the Beach Park one of the pavilions is well under way to dismantling. There is four pavilions and this is the first on the repair schedule.

After that we toured more of the town, got in a couple of fishing efforts of a half hour each, checked out the harbor and the Rockport Beach Park where we purchased an annual pass. 

A few other minor things were also done, like setting up the Castle for living in and unpacking Sierra. Of course we did hit up Whataburger for supper. Tomorrow is Sierra state inspection time and then the Teams get to run wild trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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