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Got Rolled

Adventure Location: Rockport to Del Rio, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 25, 2018
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The OFM got it together pretty good this morning after a rather restless night of what if worries. Breakfast was at Whataburger. Then Sierra took us for a goodbye to Rockport at the Harbor. Even the rising sun was waving goodbye to us.

Then it was on the road for the next seven hours. The best part is that traffic never got any denser than what it shows in this picture taken about thirty miles along the interstate coming out of Corpus Christi.

The OFM was really ready for the first rest stop at Whitsett. He stiffly got out of Sierra and stumbled around for a few minutes checking bearing temps and the trailer tires for trouble. Every thing was just fine so he went inside and got himself a package of powdered donuts. Then we hit the road for two more hours.

Then at the next rest area near Sabinal he got out and walked a bit extra to loosen his body. He says he gets stiffer easier and more often now than last year. But he was soon back in the rig rolling those tires. About the time was 6 and a half hours of driving we pulled into Broke Mill Rv Park in Del Rio Texas. It was 92 degrees and we wanted AC for the night. It is a nice place we have stayed at before. It is nice when folks call you by name when you walk in. The big surprise is the original owner sold the place yesterday. The new owners were there and the Teams met them. Nice folks.

Here is our two night campsite. The OFM wants to check how things are here in Del Rio for future boondocking again.

So tonight is meant to be an easy night for the OFM to get some extra rest because tomorrow the Teams are going to go crazy trying to have tooooo much fun.

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