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They Are Here

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 12, 2018
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We finally got to do some real fishing for an hour or so this afternoon. The wooden pier at the Rockport Beach Park was chosen as the location for the effort. The big concrete parking lot in front of the pier was partially flooded. Therefore the OFM decided to park in the middle row of spots since they did not have the rain water puddled on them. When we had the gear ready we headed for the pier entrance walk but it was rainwater flooded. As we made our way around the large puddles, the OFM stopped and took this picture of this north end of the park.

We made it onto the pier and started out on it. There was a bird swooping down attempting to catch something in the water. After a couple of tries the bird finally flew away with something fishy in its claws.  

It was too far for the camera to get a good shot, but the OFM shot anyway. After severe cropping we have this picture. Notice the fish tail sticking rearward from the claws area.

The massive rains for a long time here have a lot of fresh water roaring down into the bays. That usually means all the salt water fish have left to go into the Gulf of Mexico. However the bird gave us hope.

So the OFM cast the lure out near the sand/water line and started trolling as we walked out the pier. It was not but a few steps when something grabbed the lure and the fight was on. It was not much of a fight but at least it was a fish. When the fish was landed it proved to be a small redfish. That was another good sign to the Teams.

The redfish was sent back into the water to grow up and we continued out on the pier. The OFM took several more pictures of things of interest to him. The wind was strong and the water rough but the water was perfect greenish like it should be.

A few minutes more fishing and the OFM changed to a curly tail lure to see what it could cause to happen. The OFM was jugging it up and down near the end piling getting used to the action of the lure again.THEN out of nowhere a Spanish Mackerel about 18 inches in length came roaring in and grabbed the lure. We had no idea the mackerel were already here so the lure did not have a bite leader. Sure enough when the mackerel hit the end of the line slack it bit right through the monofilament leader and was gone. It was definitely an exciting few moments with the water being thrown all over and the jerk on the pole.

Here is a picture of the yellow braid line and what is left of the lite blue mono leader. The OFM has a chore in the morning of making us some bite leaders to use since we know the mackerel are in the area. They are ridiculously fun fish to catch and eat.

It seems like it might be a great year for catching lots of other  fish in our efforts of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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