Heavy Foliage


Slowing Down

Adventure Location: Governors Landing Campground, Lake Amistad, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 26, 2018
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The OFM rving in the past has been notorious for covering lots of ground in a short time. After 11 years of rolling fast we are trying to slow it down. that is hard since it is not in his normal style of living. However our first day of this rolling we put in 305 miles to get from Rockport to Broke Mill Campground in Del Rio. It is the same run we have made a million times so we kept on rolling yesterday.

However in the quest to slow down the speed of travel we are staying two nights. The next few days have temperatures predicted to be on the upper end of our boondocking tolerance during the day.  It it works out as hoped we have a 22 mile move for tomorrow. Then the next move is 23 more miles. How long we will be at each spot remains to be seen with temps having a big say in the matter. The first spot is full boondocking and the second is a state park. We shall see what happens.

As an aside we have a soft jello route chosen now. Our need to be back at Rockport in early November only allows this trip to be 34 days long. When the OFM laid out the trip today we checked how long it would take us in the previous style. It came to 6 days max. And now we plan on taking 4 and a half times as long. That is a major slow down.  

Here in Del Rio they have had great late summer rains and it is wildly green all over the place. The flowers are spectacular and glowing. While photographing Governors Landing Camping today the OFM was surprised by some glowing red in the brush ahead. He carefully, lots of thorns, made his way into the brush to find these nice flowers hugging some prickly pear cactus.

Here is an enlarged view of one of the flowers. They were about 3 inches across and glowed in a manner the camera could not record.

While we were at the campground the OFM walked down the trail a little ways to take a picture of the floating fishing pier. We thought it might be high and dry due to the lake level being so low. NOPE.  The pier was still floating. It must be moored over some fairly deep water. It is a steep hike down to it.

There is certainly a lot of places around this lake for doing all sorts of fun things from fishing, hiking, photography, water sports of all sorts, some cliff climbing and the list is as long as your imagination can make it. It is difficult to run out of things to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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