Heavy Foliage


The Device

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 21, 2018
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Now we get to the good part. The difficulty of getting water to the flushing wand had bedeviled the OFM for many years. A few nights ago he realized that the bathroom had two water supplies available and all he had to do was tap one of them for the wand water supply. After messing around a bit he figured out the shower supply from the faucet to the hand shower could supply the water needed. A really great side effect was that the water could then be supplied from either the campground water or the on board water supply like when boondocking.  There is not always a water supply available when dumping so this will be a big asset to the Teams.

We had the wand with a female hose connection and the shower hose had a 1/2“ female pipe thread connection available when the shower nozzle was removed. So it was off to a building supply store. After some messing around this device was put together for about $15.

The shower hose screws to the nipple and a short water hose to get over to wand screws onto the hose connection part. These next two pictures show the whole story.

In The Tub

The Wand Assembly

A major improvement is that the OFM can control ALL the water from inside the Castle’s bath room. The tub faucet turns the water on/off. The wand is right at his left hand to control the spray direction. It works like a wonderful charm and is a one person operation. That is really important if you are a solo traveler like the OFM.

This wand is one of those with four holes at 90 degrees. We were not sure the flow rate and pressure coming through the Castle’s pipes would be great enough to make the streams of water be strong enough for the job at hand. So we pulled the shower curtain nearly closed to test the spray.

On with the water and a big YIKES erupted and filled the bathroom as the spray went everywhere. Yep there is plenty of pressure and flow volume to do the job. That 35 gallon black tank got a good internal washing with the new easy to use system. It took less than 10 minutes to put everything away so it will not be a pain to set up either. It certainly is a lot less mess and bother than the water hose through the window and needing two folks.

We really doubt that we will be doing this as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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