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Early Breakfast

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 14, 2018
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The OFM rolled out of bed early this morning. Got himself ready and headed to the Whataburger for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit with strawberry jelly. The drink was tea. Cost less than $6. What is the rush you might ask, but probably not.

It seems he knew the rain storms were to start mid morning so fishing would have to be first thing in the morning. Sure enough he drove us down to the harbor. Parked. Grabbed his gear and headed out onto the breakwater. The green arrow point is to the breakwater he meandered around upon. Results were sad. No fish.

It was a nice time of fishing but soon the bad weather coming from the left of the picture arrived and this picture taken later in the day is what we had for weather most of the rest of the day. This was taken from inside Sierra because we dared not lower the window for fear of flooding Sierra.

A little before evening the clouds broke up a little bit and the OFM Fishing Team hit up the wooden pier at the Rockport Beach for some more fishing. A single ladyfish was hooked but flopped loose just before coming over the handrail of the pier. The openings in the sky came and went every few minutes. This is what they looked like over the water.

We would get about 20 minutes of fishing weather and a half hour of torrential rain. After a couple of those cycles we called it a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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