Nice Morning


Rain On It

Adventure Location:ACROSS TEXAS
Adventure Date:September 8, 2018
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When the OFM tried to use the Internet this morning he found out that after he shut down last night 91 Gigs of his plan were used. that means he is shut down for the rest of the month. We have no idea how or what. But travel was calling so he finished getting ready and stepped outside to a nearly flat tire.

OH Boy just what he wanted to do on a very humid hot morning. Nothing to do but get with it. Forty minutes later the deed was done and the OFM was very sweaty. The tire turned out to have a broken cord(s) and likely would have ruptured out on the highway if it had not been spotted in our usual safety check. Here is the spare installed and ready to roll.

Here is the bad tire with the bad section indicated.

Now all we needed is to find a Walmart and replace the spare with a new tire. As we headed west the first town is Henderson, Tx and the Walmart there had the correct tire. We got the new on and put it on the spare tire holder of the Castle. $128 broker we headed for Rockport.

We did not plan on all the extremely heavy showers along the way. But they certainly did slow us down some more. And the head wind took our normal fuel milage on I-20 of 12.1 mpg down to 9.1 mpg for all the westward drive. when we turned left at Rockdale the milage went back up to near 11.

With all the delays we still made it to Goliad State Park in time to find a campsite in the daylight.

It is nice and flat. The other camper way across the parking lot is a tenter that we can barely see much less hear. The Teams would rather not have days like this again. They get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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