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No Brakes

Adventure Location:TATUM, TEXAS
Adventure Date:September 7, 2018
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It was a good start this morning. We left the gas station at 0801 and five minutes later we were headed west on I-20. The traffic was pretty heavy until we cleared Jackson Ms. Then it was smooth sailing clear to Shreveport, La. I-20 through Shreveport are ridiculously rough and ugly. It was on this stretch that the trailer brakes quit working. 

This brings up a safety point. We never load a tow vehicle to maximum design load. Sierra is rated for 9700 pounds of trailer. The Castle rolling weight is a little less that 6000 pounds. That spare towing capacity certainly was nice when your trailer brakes decide to take a vacation. When we cleared Shreveport it was one mile to the Texas welcome center and the Teams pulled in and shut down for some look see at what is wrong.

To make the story short, the umbilical cord to Sierra had jerked the connection plug enough that the tab for the brakes had barely pulled loose. Never in fifty years has the OFM seen that happen before. But you can be sure it will be prevented in the future. We guess the good part is that we learned that Sierra has really good brakes. We never came close to having real trouble partly to staying well away from vehicles in front of us.

From the Texas Travel Stop at Waskom we moved on down the road to Martin Creek Lake State Park. Naturally a nasty HEAVY rain storm escorted us into the parking lot. The OFM headed inside to settle up on a few things.

First we bought our Annual Texas State Parks entry pass. It comes with 4 discount passes for camping in the parks. $70

Next we bought a nights nest. We are the only camper in sight tonight. $13

The we bought a salt and fresh water Senior Fishing License. $22

Now we are ready for a RIP ROARING GOOD TEXAS TIME of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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