Morning Sun


Wrong Trail Morning


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-17-2022

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We awoke to a nice cool interior. The plan was an early morning trail walk so we were ready for the sun to get up also.

By the time breakfast was done and the OFM was ready to walk the sun was up and away we went to the State Park next door. The OFM drove us to the trail head to get started.

We have walked this trail many times in the past so off we went. Hmmm the trail has been changed it seems but there was a trail so we followed it. Sure enough the trail kept on being different than the OFM's memory said it should be. But a new adventure is not bad. We finally arrived at the lake after about twenty minutes of overgrown rough trail walking. The end of the trail was welcome.

At the lake we surveyed things and finally figured out where we were instead of where we intended to be. So we made a left turn at the waters edge and went for more walking. Along the way we noticed that the lake is still producing nice quantities of mussel shells that have nice pink interiors. The camera did not pick up the shiny pink interiors.

We finally arrived at the rock point that we originally intended to head for.

From there we got a wonderful view of the lake and the far shore of Mexico.
The OFM noticed the trail we had intended to be on nearby. So when we headed back, we took it. We came out about a hundred yards from Sierra so it was a lot easier trip back than outward. But it was still a great morning for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I am glad to see those shells! They look like mussels to me, and their numbers have been dwindling over the years. There's speculation about agricultural runoff - fertizer, pesticides - but nobody knows for sure. So it's good to see them!

    1. They could well be mussels as far as I know. I will be looking at the inet to learn the difference. It is cold here this morning.

    2. Research was done and the critter name has been changed to the correct identity. Thank you JudithK for the help.

    3. I guess it does help to know the names of things. I was just glad to see some mussels. After I noticed they were waning I looked them up. And Muscatine Iowa used to be a major source of shirt buttons made from mussels. Who knew???