Sandy Visits The OFM


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-28-2022

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Charlie stopped by this afternoon with the family pup, Sandy. Sandy was an incredibly nice fluffy pup that was a delight to meet. They are heading on down into the Rio Grande Valley in the morning. It was a wonderful visit again. Thank you Charlie for bringing Sandy to see the OFM.

Today started out wonderful with bright sun and climbing to pleasant temperatures. The OFM set out to do the whole outer loop trail of the park. We think it is 3 miles. It was a successful effort but along the way the OFM twisted his left knee a bit and are for now having “fun” trying to limp around. At the rate it seems to be healing we expect the OFM to be mobilelating decently tomorrow for our search in trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Yes!! It is supposed to warm up this week. I hope to hear you complain of the heat soon!! (Though you'll probably be stoic.) Hope the knee feels better with kinder treatment.

  2. Those pills will help the aches of aging as I know well. Three miles is a couple more than I can handle nowadays. Good for you making rhe effort.