Sea Caves


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 2-2-2022

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Our story locker is down to one story with pictures. Today was a hot day and during our after lunch mile and a half walk at Memorial Park the OFM certainly did some serious sweating. The this evening at the Castle the windows were wide open and the fans running and the OFM was sweating with the thermometer in the living room reading 82F. Come on cold spell.

As we have shown in the past the Rockport Harbor has a nice paved top jetty from the mooring area out to the harbor entrance. There are large rocks stacked on both sides of the jetty in an attempt to break up the wave action and make the jetty serve longer.

A couple of days ago the OFM decided to have a nice walk out to the end of the jetty to see what we could see. Here is the jetty from the end at the harbor mouth looking into the harbor.

So we started back in to the mooring areas and was taking our time looking for anything we might find. We found not much until the OFM spied this Sea Cave.

That looks nice and dramatic for sure. We have seen large caves like this on other shores. Up close it looks like trouble but the reality is that it is the opening between some of the large rocks that has oyster shells and algae growing at the entrance. The shells would slice you up into ribbons if you handle them. The actual opening is smaller that the OFM's fat head. There are actually a couple of more of the “sea caves” scattered along the jetty. We plan to keep an eye on them and see if some critter sets up housekeeping in one of them.

At least we have a painting in progress helping us with the ongoing effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Oh good grief. Rub it in. Just finished up sleeting up here. Glad you have started a new painting! Nice photos too.....

  2. I measured with Google and the Castle is a couple of feet less than one mile to the closest salt water. That will help moderate the freezing a lot.