Morning Sun


Lake Water Levels


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-16-2022

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It was a nice windy cool night leading to a hot 83f day for us. The OFM is still getting used to the techniques of boon-docking but we are doing fine in the final analysis.

We took a morning tour of the nearby state park to see what all had changed. Falcon Lake is now 42 feet low.

When we entered the park our destination was to check out the boat ramp area for future walking. We pulled up to the top of the main boat ramp and took this picture of no water available to launch a boat.

We meandered around a bit and ended up at the lake end of the original park boat ramp that was only used a short while before the water level dropped and never returned.

The rest of the park camping areas and trail areas were also checked out. We plan to hit those areas for walking starting tomorrow. Maybe we can find a way of trying to have tooooo much fun on the trails.


  1. Falcon always seems to be suffering, more often than not. There's a big reservoir relatively near here, O H Ivie, which apparently still has some great fishing, but it is rarely....and I mean rarely, even close to full. Other smaller lakes are. Well, with all the dry land, you'll have plenty of room to walk.
    Hope you enjoy....certainly not a crowded campsite. Supposed to be colder tomorrow.....maybe Roma will still be fine.

  2. Ha. Wow. No. You will not be cooler til Friday. Rockport might be cooler tomorrow, but not you.

  3. He might have to chain the Castle to that tree with the blustery winds expected.