Morning Sun


Nice Puppy


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights,Texas

Adventure Date: 2-19-2022

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Now we continue the adventure report that started yesterday.

As we meandered the beach area on toward the back of the cove, we noticed the spring vegetation began to have some pretty pink coloration. Then in a little while the plants got a lot bigger and were pretty. So we had to work on getting a nice picture of the flowers in the strong wind. We have no idea of the name of the plant but you can guess along with us.

Another interesting item was this long straight pipe protruding from the lake bottom.

The couplings look like the old time standard Grinnell bolted couplings. The pipe lines up with the old ranch house on the other side of the state park. The other end we are guessing ran down to the Rio Grande River to a pumping station to send fresh water to the ranch for human consumption or other uses. Also that route would take the line near the old airport inside the park boundaries. We doubt any of the newer folks that work here have any idea about it but we will ask when we get the chance.

Along another part of the meander we spotted two Cara Cara birds negotiating about eating something. By the time we got way over there one of the birds decided to leave the discussion. The other one stuck around until the OFM got too close for its comfort and flew off.

It turns out they were eating the left over carcass of a large fish that had been filleted. We could not tell for sure what the fish was but it stepped off at about 34 inches long.

But the best find was this nice puppy laying on its back waiting for the OFM to scratch its belly. It was a friendly pup that just kept on waiting on the OFM.

That takes care of yesterdays events and today made yesterday look like we did nothing. But we know for sure that there is a lot of stuff around here to occupy you while you are trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. At least this puppy doesn't bite!

    1. I thought about bringing it home but I did not have any idea of the Covid exposure factor and this area is fairly active.

  2. I have never seen a caracara. Big fish they had for a meal, or snack, whatever was left. And I hope someone can help with the pink buds (or seeds). Something about them looks familiar, but I dunno. Glad you are in weather and a place for walking. Nice. (From what I can see of next weeks forecast, it will b e hunker time again.)

    1. Hunker down weather? Yes I am a long time user of the term but I did not see any in the ten day forecast for Roma, Texas a minute ago. A couple of low 40s days was all.

  3. I meant to write hunker down, but the second word got lost.

  4. Never seen a Cara Cara bird. Interesting fellow. Hate to tell you OFM but that is a stuffed toy dog. 😀

  5. Great adventures. Quite a large fish. Not catfish - wonder what it is?
    the Ol'Buzzard