Wobbling, Cooking and Having Fun


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 2-6-2022

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Another fantastic day in the life of the OFM Teams. Even though the OFM had joint aches in his hips and legs we hit up the walking trail and had a great time wobbling along the path.

At the starting spot we found this shrub that apparently had some freeze damage from the mild freeze temperatures we had. It appeared that the leaves were the only part damaged. This was also the only place in the park we found damage.

Until late afternoon it was more bright sun and cool temps just right for being outside.

No big events happened but we did poach some more chicken and hit it perfectly.

But the broth that poaching produces had to be thrown away to the OFM's dismay. We had made chicken noodle stoup yesterday with poached chicken and its broth so we have about five meals in the freezer waiting for the OFM to chow down on the homemade chicken noodle stoup. We had some tonight and it was great. Combine the stoup with the salad along side, it was on great supper. Hot chocolate was the beverage.

Then tonight while organizing the cabinet above the kitchen table we found a can of salmon we had forgotten about, so tomorrow promises to be a salmon day of some sort.

During the wobbly walk today the OFM was watching the sun effects on things and gathering ideas for his next attempt at art. There is no lack of inspirations around here but we have to be careful to choose subjects that might be inside his limited abilities. That makes it a lot better for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Oh just pick a subject you'd like to do, but might be outside your "limited abilities." You might surprise yourself. Nice to have warmer days ahead.