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Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-23-2022

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A lot of stuff happened today and on into tonight. Mostly good but a couple of not great things. Then the cold front hit hard and fast and here it is past posting time and the camera hasn't even been unloaded yet. Looks like tomorrow will be a day of reporting catch up instead of new adventures.

One boondocking thing we dramatically learned about is parking the rig in cold weather try to have the tow vehicle upwind and close to the trailer. It makes a lot of difference we are finding out tonight.

But no matter what we will be trying to have tooooo much fun somewhere around here.


  1. Oh my. The next-to-last paragraph sounds rather dire. Glad you are OK and we will all be in suspense til you tell us about all the stuff that happened! (Nothing here, only one foray out into the 25 degree weather, no ice yet.And the wind has died down a lot, so perhaps that will bode well for you even way down there.....)

  2. I think you mean to use the truck to help block that mean cokd wind from the Castle? We have it very cold here in North Texas tonight.
    Hope you have a good day Thursday!