Morning Sun


100deg F


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights,Texas

Adventure Date: 2-22-2022

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A trip to Walmart is a big event for the teams since it is a bit over 60 miles. That translates into a cost of $18 in gas and tires etc. Sierra has a NOT towing operating cost of about $.30 a mile, so we try to plan our trips for maximum effect.

We made the run and picked up some groceries and a new drinking water hose for RV use. But back at home we realized we forgot to check out outdoor chairs. We have spent seven nights here so far at a camping cost of zero dollars, so we think we are still ahead on the dollars.

We need to mention that all the local folks we have crossed paths with in the border towns have been really nice and pleasant. Yes, sometimes there is a few seconds of language figuring out but it is a way of life here along the Rio Grande River.

We had a hot day today that topped out at 100F. But the next week or so is supposed to be back into very nice temperatures again. It certainly has been nice in this dry climate.

We have a new painting to show tonight. This is a colored pencil, graphite pencil and watercolor combination that worked out decent on the second try. The first try is in the Rockport city dump.

Now we need to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun at the lake.


  1. Whoa! 100F? Well, it was 87 here. Today we went from 53 at 7AM to 39 at 11AM. Guess this latest round will cool you off; hope not too much. Very glad to hear you mention that you have had good interactions in the border towns. Such a bad rep they have, and I know people who leave near the border and live life very pleasantly. Nice to hear you have had good experiences so far. I've only noticed yaupon berries after the leaves have fallen off...I like your composition.

  2. When I was RVing my GMC got ten mils to the gallon when I was towing and ten miles to the gallon when I was not towing. I miss that truck and miss RVing

    the Ol'Buzzard