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Free Boondocking At Falcon Lake Again


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-15-2022

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We got on the road about 1000 and it took a few miles to find our rhythm. The whole trip took 4.5 hours and a bit over 200 miles of bright blue skies type of weather. However the winds were very strong and buffeted us a lot.

We got to Falcon County Park and noticed the park was not over full this year. Old friend Rick was in his usual spot and we had a great chat. He has not seen ANY kind of border trouble in this area.

At his suggestion we set up camp about forty feet from him. It is a nice level site and set up was easy. Here is the front view of the campsite.

As we entered the door of the Castle, the OFM stopped and took a picture of how crowded the camp ground out our side door is.

Then later this evening we made the run down to the Roma Whataburger for a fish sandwich. On the way back it was sunset time and the OFM got a brilliant reminder to always have the camera available. The sunsets are unreal here on the Mexico/Texas border. We checked with Google and found the Castle is about 2 miles from the International Boundary Line out in Falcon Lake.

The moon was brightly reflecting from the Castles main window this evening displaying the fantastic clear sky.

When we arrived the temperature was 82F but it is supposed to be a bit cool in the morning. If you check the weather down here, use Roma, Tx as the location.

We have gotten several great photographs from this area in the past so we will be watching for even better pictures while trying to have tooooo much fun in the desert of South Texas.


  1. It sounds like a nice place to be, especially after such a long time in Rockport, its hard to beat a new view every once in a while. No crowds around and seeing as how it's free, it sounds like a great place to spend a couple of weeks.


  2. Good report. Bet those windmills got a workout today.