Morning Sun




Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-26-2022

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When a MrBuddy or any other LPG heater is used, there is a zone around it that does not allow combustible objects in it.  This year we are publishing straight from the Mr. Buddy site the clearances required inside the RV in order to safely use the model referenced in the picture.

As reported many times before, the Castle does NOT have room for a Mr. Buddy or any other heating device we have reviewed to fit inside the trailer AND OPERATE SAFELY.

The cold blowing wet nasty morning turned into a dry cool afternoon that allowed the OFM to go for a walk. We stopped by the butterfly garden and grabbed three more pictures. 

We have no idea what breed this fuzzy seed is but it looked interesting. It was about the size of regular cherry. Cute like a fuzzy puppy.

As we passed another bush (shrub) this fresh growth called out of us to make it famous. The color on this overcast day was not very bright but we recall seeing the blossoms a couple of days ago in bright sun. WOW they were pretty. Any way this one seems ready to Spring out into the world.

Along one of the trails was this thorny plant showing off. For many years we have liked the coloring of these plants and enjoyed seeing them as spring comes along. And yes those thorns are very sharp and strong.

During the nasty part of the day the OFM got on the internet and found Thaynea McArdle's site and researched to find a better style of paper than we have been using for colored pencil. It happens that we had a small pile of the right stuff and got busy trying it out. WOW she was very correct on what we need to be using for colored pencil and wet media paintings. It was a very enlightening study session that will be put to use on the next painting.

As you can see it has been a busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. We set the propane heater on the floor in the middle of the walkway (proper clearances) & crack a window and/or the roof vent. (It requires one sq inch of ventilation for each 1000 BTUs).
    Plus we turn it off when we go to bed. But IMO the best way to stay warm if you can't drive somewhere else is to be plugged in and run an electric space heater.

    1. I just am not comfortable with an open flame while I sleep and I do not want a lot of weight of covers on top of me when I sleep either. That is why I moved to the state park a few days ago. Electric heaters are wonderful for furnishing my comfort desires. However I do carry a sleeping bag and blankets for when I do have to be in a cold trailer like last year when the power was out for five days.

  2. Nice photo of a wave in the header! Makes me want to be at the coast. A down sleeping bag costs a lot, but doesn't weigh a person down. Instant warmth for sleep. I hate heavy covers; some people love them. I don't know what to think about open flame gas heat.....grew up that way, and lived over it. I live in a house now where that's not an issue (so far - electric power has stayed on during cold spells to let the AC unit distribute the gas heat). I guess in an RV I'd do as you do - ha. Stay somewhere not toooo cold.

    1. I grew up with a open flame heater in the old house in Pasadena Tx. Several times something caught fire from that heater but it was always easy to put out if you were there to see it happen. As air leaky as that place was you could not get the oxygen used up even if you tried.
      The RV I live in goes to places very cold, like Richland Washington where I last worked but I use an electric heater instead of gas. My boondocking rig will not support that much 120 volt electrical usage. But plugged in like we are now it has been as low as 21F at night last year with no trouble staying warm.