Antelope Head


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-18-2022

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Morning was chilly but we got busy and in reasonable time we went out to play. Check out this beautiful day the Castle brought to us.

The choice for the walk was the “Lakeside Picnic Area” that was lakeside back when there was a full lake at this location. We got our day pass at the state park check-in station and the folks there are really extra nice. Sierra took us right over to the good parking spot.

From there we walked out onto the former lake bottom.

One thing that has been consistent at this location is the very rough and difficult “roads” when you leave the picnic area. There is one long looping around road that most cars can navigate to the right of the picnic area. The rest of the “roads” are volunteer roads made by wild truck fools. This is a moderate road but we never even thought of driving down it in the former 4x4 big tires truck we had.

When we got to the lake we stopped walking and started looking around at the new stuff the lower lake was no longer hiding. This next picture is of the view from the current lake edge looking back to the edge of the picnic area where Sierra is waiting. That dark green line at the top of the steep slope is where Sierra is waiting.

There is all sorts of driftwood around the area that great artists like Patsy C. back in Rockport could make into all sorts of memorable pieces of art. In this six foot long one, the OFM first saw a antelope head with one antler missing and then several other wild ideas splattered on the inside of his forehead.

As we continued the meandering lots more stuff popped into view and we will get to them tomorrow. It was a very successful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I don't enjoy rain when I'm in the west but I feel bad for what this extended drought is doing. I wonder if the weather will ever change.


  2. this lake bed would be a great place for metal detecting.
    the Ol'Buzzard