Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-25-2021

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Morning Notes:

We woke up to a nice cool morning among the

hordes of campers that rolled in last evening. Of course we have to remind the OFM that in his early life he was one of those style of folks too.

On the walk this morning it was definitely different than yesterday since today we got to listen to dozens of different radios and stereos playing all different types of “music”.

Evening Notes:

On the morning walk (there were three walks today) a very nice picture of the power plant on the opposite side of the lake. Thanks to that power plant we have the lake for recreation in this area of Texas.

 Look up Tatum, Tx on google to find us. Today half of Dallas showed up for recreation it seemed. BUT to our surprise everyone seemed to be on excellent behavior which made for lots of unplanned little visits with folks by the OFM. It was fun.

This state park is blessed with the original drainage system being done with native rock for the ditch linings and head walls. They are pretty neat to just meander along and see all the hard labor results. Here is a good example where a ditch crosses under a vehicle approach to a parking lot.

We bet that these rock linings would be WAY to expensive to do now days, but they are sure nice to meander along and check out in detail.

And another surprise awaited us just a few feet on along from the culvert above. This circular spider web was hanging between two trees at least 12 feet apart. The circular part of the web was at least three feet across. With the sun hitting it just right, the OFM just had to wade out into the brush for a picture of it for all our worthy readers.

For a little personal fun and practice the OFM took the fishing rod with a lure down to the lake and practiced casting for a nice while. Those first few casts were certainly not what was planned at the start of the cast. But he got the rhythm and style back and from then on it was fun. So now we are ready to handle the rod well when we are ready to go fishing again.

And just to help the day be fun, we finally finished another painting. So you can tell it has been a busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you had a nice first day. And some interesting photos were taken to show how it was.....

  2. I saw that spider web in the park. It was amazing!

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