Morning Sun


Some More Get Ready


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9/05/2021

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The OFM was feeling not so great this morning so we skipped the long walk. We went to the grocery store to buy some groceries to change the Teams diet a bit. A larger percent of vegetables is in order since the OFM has gained a few pounds back. The HUGE SURPRISE was how much the vegetable prices had risen in the last two weeks. But at least there was a good stock of everything we wanted.

Back at the Castle we got the new items put away and immediately started on a nice pot of chicken stoup.

It turned out a bit bland but that will be changed tomorrow morning when we hit up the grocery store again to get the things we did not think of today. This time we will have a GROCERY LIST. The store this morning was nearly vacant when they first opened and not much more in the way of customers when we left. That is important to the OFM.

More research on the Covid mess in New Mexico and Texas was done. The CDC had posted more details about the uptick in cases. We found that since they had time to analyze the uptick and publish the information, we are thinking that we can roll sooner than we thought even yesterday. Mr. Boondork has some more good commentary on the situation in his blog tonight at .

So this late afternoon we went about another important maintenance item on the Castle. We drained and sanitized the potable water tank.

We use bleach to sanitize the tank. Once it was finished getting all cleaned up and purty, we filled it nearly full so we will be even closer to ready when the decision is made to roll. The tank holds 40 gallons or close to 350 pounds of water. That will last the Teams around 10-14 days of dry camping.

We are ready for a new location or four change in the places where we can try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. We drove thru and spent a night in New Mexico last week. It felt very safe there as masks are mandatory indoors and compliance was high.