Morning Sun


Plans Changed


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9/02/2021

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The OFM Teams had a very interesting day today. A couple of unexpected events occurred that were good stuff.

The best one was during the morning walk. A nice couple that we had seen on the trail several times over the last few years paused to talk a bit.

The OFM was reminded they had talked a year or so before. So over thirty minutes later we split up to finish our walks. They are Roger and Donna. Donna is the lady with the really nice smile. The Teams are hoping we get to cross paths again in the future. If you see them be sure and give them a big HOWDY.

Notice that the Rolling Date in the header is gone. We headed to get lunch and then over to the Super Walmart for a couple of items they turned out to not have in stock.

At the entrance the Covid signage had changed. Now everyone is supposed to be wearing a mask. Yesterday vaccinated folks like the OFM did not need to wear a mask. The wonderfully nice greeter fill us in on the change. The CDC published new guidelines yesterday. Walmart reacted immediately like a responsible business should.

The greeter also told the OFM that two morning employees had not passed their entry testing where their temperature is taken and a bit more information is collected. So they had to have Covid tests before coming back to work.

When the OFM got back to the Castle he got on the internet to check out the latest Covid situation in New Mexico and Texas. It was not pretty. After over an hour of reading and research the OFM decided we would not be rolling over into those areas Friday. The situation is too undefined except to say a big increase in Covid cases has happened recently. The CDC recommendations on travel seem reasonable.

Late afternoon the OFM went to the campground office and revised his stay to be another month.

The upside is that in the cooler weather the OFM will finally, after nearly a year and a half of recovery from his left arm injury, get to play some golf. And the weather is usually pretty nice for the next two months. Which is great when you are trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Wise of you to stay away from Texas right now. Three family members work in medical field. Covid cses are rampant. Many deaths. Few beds available. i notice more people are wearing masks. I was at Walmart yesterday; did not realize if the policy has changed. Better for you to stay safe!

    1. Thank you for that important information. I appreciate it greatly.

  2. How long have you been in Grandkidland this time?

    1. WAAAAAAAY longer than the original plan. Arrived March 4 for an event with plans to roll out after two weeks and roam a bit. But situations and Covid changed and I have been stuck here for one reason or another since then. At least it is a nice place to be stuck most of the time AND I got to participate in lots of family events for a change.

  3. With the way things are today they are worse places to be 'stuck'.

    Any fishing around there? The SE Spring get-together is at Racoon Creek wild life management area out by Stevenson AL, right on the Tennessee river.
    There was always good fishing there judging by the number of folks down there catching fish.

    1. Definitely much worse places in the country.
      Lots of boat fishing around here but nearly no shore based fishing. Wheeler Lake is a do not consume fish warning due to heavy metal contamination.