Morning Sun


An Old Trail


Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-26-2021

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It was a busy day with a trip into Henderson Tx to allow the teams to check for internet service there. Everything checked out perfect so the trouble is in the State Park system/area.

The neat walk on a park trail through the forest and on the old Henderson Road was nice and will be reported soon. Then we had a wonderful visit with some really nice folks a couple of sites down from the Teams. And BAM it is time to get ready to roll in the morning. Yep we still do not know where we will meander to get on with the trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you here at Martin Creek State Park. May the rest of your journeys be filled with fat fish, multiple shrimp, and caring people that love to hear your tales.


    1. Julie I arrived safely at a new location about 1500. It was excellent fun meeting you and Ken. Be careful of those crazy Texans. Julie and Ken are the folks referenced in the blog post above.

    2. I have searched for your blog but to no avail. Try a full address and we will look around for it again. Thank you.

  2. Barney- The Midway ACOE camping place by Lake Waco was really nice. You were right abot being booked in a double, so we changed out to a single. So much cheaper. We went to Rudy’s barbecue and Jakes Teahouse in Waco. Good food! Will send you blog sites when we stop.