Nasty Rain Storms


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 9-29-2021

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Waking up to water dripping on your pillow is not wonderful but at least it was time to get up anyway. Yep the torrential rains for hours had found a slow moving route into the Castle. So we put a container under the very slow drip and had breakfast. The rains since we have been here come in two to three hour horrible waves.

The campsite puddles all around the Castle are 1-2 inch deep water.

We had to wait on the slow leak since we had a time to be at the vehicle inspection place. This was our third try to get Sierra totally legal on the road again. The inspector was waiting for us and met us in the middle of the parking lot to get on with his chore. About ten minutes later he finished and handed the OFM Sierra's keys and paper work. NOW we are free for another year. BUT the leak was still waiting for us.

Back at the Castle we researched the caulking on the roof at the area the leak seemed to be entering and found a couple of very small cracks in the caulk. So we grabbed our tube of roof caulk and found it solid like a rock. Oh rats and off to the store we went.

Back at the Castle we got a big line of caulk correctly applied to this area of interest. Then turned our attention to the 3/8” thick grape vines rubbing on the roof of the Castle. Out came the pruning shears and chopping time began. Now there are no vines rubbing on the Castle, which is good since we have more heavy rain and strong winds forecast for tonight.

Six to Eight Foot vine prunings

We did get out in the later afternoon to tour more of the area in an attempt to decide if we want to come back to Rockport for the cold weather season. No choice has been made yet.

Hopefully the storms tonight will be a little more gentle. Then we can spend tomorrow trying to have tooooo much fun down near the saltwater.

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  1. This is exactly what I was talking about...the sideways rain tends to drive its point right into the van! Hope you got that lead fixed.