Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Hurricane Nicholas Watching


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9-14-2021

Rolling Date: after 9-19-21.

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We got a good early start on the morning walk today but we are getting a very late start on the blog tonight. It has been a busy day.

As we started the walk the clouds were looking like something was happening. We thought it was the leading edge of Hurricane Nicklaus but when we returned and checked the weather services it was just our own mess of weather.

During the walk we were about to pass this bush that is slightly off the bank and in the water. This bird was holding very still so we would not see it. The OFM stopped and got ready for the picture very carefully and the bird still was not moving even a feather. As you can see the bird was so close the camera did not want to get a great focus. Usually those birds fly away when we get near this close. Our guess is less than six feet of space between us. It was an interesting experience.

As we exited the trail system near the park maintenance yard we encountered this delicate tree removal process in progress. There are two dead trees there and the Teams have been waiting for them to come down on something exciting. But we will see tomorrow if there are any tree parts still there.

The biggest and most exciting thing to happen today is the OFM cooked two HUGE pork chops by dicing them and then slow fry/steamed them for inclusion in some stoup meals. Several spices were donated to the cause and the meat is wonderful as is but will get better when stouped properly.

We are paying close attention to the storm Nicholas to attempt to identify the best and earliest time to head west for the winter. The storm keeps flopping around not indicating very well where it is going to head. We are not interested in messing around in any flood waters again. Probably one day soon we will suddenly roll. Then it will be time for trying to have tooooo much fun on the road.


  1. That's pretty close to get to a heron. Wow.
    I saw one kill a red-winged blackbird once. True, it had been harrassing his fishing, I suppose because it was near his nest in the reeds, but sheesh. Did it in one stab. One would not want to be on the wrong side of him. (Or her. I don't know anything about telling a male from a female great blue.)

  2. Apparently. I'm old, like you, and we're both still here!!