Organic Waste Disposal

Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9-15-2021

Rolling Date: after 9-19-21.

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It was another decent early start on the daily walk this morning. To top it off we did the whole loop road of a bit over three miles. The pace was slowed a bit several times for pictures. Over all it was a busy day again.

In the blog yesterday we showed the bucket crane in use for cutting down two dead trees. This morning the trees were gone so we snapped the picture above to show where the tall trees used to be.

What do they do with all the greenery they have to chop up around this park. Out on the loop road is a location where it is handled.

Here is where greenhouse type of work is done to provide the seasonal floral decorations. There are several types of vegetation that have to be replaced now and then as they get too big or beat up that are housed in there.

The old tree choppings and other vegetation trimmings are brought to this area where they are eventually ground up for topping flower/shrub beds. The city does a decent job of recycling the organic stuff back into the earth. After a big windstorm that pile gets pretty big for a few weeks.

The OFM finally got to work on some more great stoup. The two large pork chops were diced and spiced and cooked a couple of days ago. This morning after the walk they were combined with some Knorr teriyaki rice and other spices, a cup of brown rice, celery, onions, and misc other spices from the spice rack.

The final outcome was wonderful and there is four more meals of it in the freezer for the OFM to enjoy soon.

The latest rolling date has not changed but there is plenty of time for trouble to pop up and cause change. In the mean time we plan on over exerting the OFM with trying to have tooooo much fun.

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