Helpful Sunshine


Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-27-2021

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Teams Location: Sonny's RV Park, Lexington, Tx.

It was a busy morning for the Photography Team. We hit the park trails right after an early breakfast and the shooting was great. The OFM made it a shorter walk because of all the time we spent shooting pictures. We do a lot of bracketing when we take pictures so there is frequently 5-9 frames to get the one published. IF you bracket a lot the extra pixels cause the camera to get a lot heavier.

As we crossed the first parking lot this foliage on a tree caught our attention with its new coloring due to Fall being here soon.

It was really bright up close.

The meandering continued over to the lake shore area where the sun rising and the morning shadows from the trees and shrubs really made it a new picture every 60 seconds since the lighting was changing so quickly.

This next picture was taken facing a tree line with the sun behind it. The water was steaming fog up and the sunlight coming over the tree tops was causing interesting colors on the lily pads and mosses in the cove. This scene only lasted about thirty seconds so we did some fast shooting to get it. It was fantastic fun.

And a walk out on the pier yielded ANOTHER unreal picture. As we walked near the handrail on the side of the pier away from the sunlight, we were looking for more special lighting effects from the sunlight interacting with all the water and greenery.

We got a huge surprise when one view slowly appeared and stayed long enough to get a couple of shots. The lily pad was catching some lighting from reflected sun we assume. But the water was still dark and that is the moon still reflecting from the water. We only got two camera clicks before the entire image disappeared. WOW we were fortunate to be at the right spot at the perfect moment.

And all this action so far was just the beginning of a great day of visiting neat folks and good traveling for 210 miles to Lexington, Tx.

After arriving and setting up, the OFM has been plotting a myriad of different locations around us to roll toward tomorrow. So check in and see where we end up rolling for trying to have tooooo much fun AGAIN.


  1. Well thanks to you I am getting acquainted with places in TX I have never been to or even heard of. Like Lexington. I looked it up and liked what I read, mostly because it has a population under 2,000. My kind of town. Mostly I go west when I go anywhere, unless I can't help it. So eventually, you'll get to some place I know, to some degree.

    1. A friend of mine says they have some really good BBQ here, but I have never been here during the normal business hours. You know, leave early and arrive late to maximize my RVing time.

    2. Good bbq is often worth worth the journey. Then if they did have good bbq to could tell all your readers! :-)