Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


In Texas


Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-23-2021

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We rolled decently early this morning from our free camping spot near Morton, Ms. The weather was a bit windy and the roads frequently undulating which combined to make towing erratic for smooth control. But we got here in good shape in early afternoon. In case anybody needs to know, I-20 through Shreveport La. are in pitiful rough shape.

Lunch was in Waskom Tx at the Texas Travel Stop. We have spent the night there a few times in the past with good results. Here is the lunch view we had today.

Internet is only available at the park's office.

Somewhere we took this next picture. It is I-20 somewhere in La, Ms, Al or East Tex and we do not recall which place since the whole run from Point Mallard looked like this photo.

We got set up in the state park for the next few days and this is what the front yard looks like. 

We plan to be here a few days until we can make our mind up about where to go next in our search for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Welcome back to Texas, OFM!
    I'm headed down to MISP for a coupla nites to scare the trout. We are blessed with beautiful weather. Enjoy MCLSP.

  2. I have the feeling something is missing from your blog post today. It's like a paragraph disappeared and was replaced by a mysterious trailer with RIGE written on the side. I know there must be a story connected to the mysterious trailer.


  3. Keep on keeping on. The worst road I ever towed on with our tag-a-long was in West Virginia. The road was made up of concrete sections and set up an oscillation that had the rig pitching violently. We had to slow well below the speed limit.
    take care
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. "In-Texas", isn't there supposed to be a "yee haa!" with that? :-)