New Campsite


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9/10/2021

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The OFM foot is about 95% healed and we used it a lot today.

Due to a campground rule that no RV can stay in a site for more than 179 consecutive days, we had to change sites today. It was a good thing since we got to check out every thing about hitting the road soon. Everything was in good shape. The OFM even backed it into the site on the first try. That was a wonderful error. Here is a picture of the site left side.

And a picture of the right side.

This site is backing up to the entrance road to the campground so we get to see all the activity in and out of the place. The upside is it is an area that kids are not supposed to occupy with their playing due to vehicle dangers. So far it is a comfortable spot. We have six more days until our rent runs out.

The morning walk was early and a cool temperature. We got some nice pictures that will show up in the near future. But first these crazy pictures. The first is of the headknockers coming down out of the trees along the paths. These seeds hit the ground with a strong THUMP that catches the OFM's attention.

The OFM tossed this one into the water and it sank like a rock! And made a big splash. We are glad it did not hit the OFM on the head, it would have hurt the seed.

During the walk we saw many folks we see in the campground. Several times we stopped for a couple minutes of friendly conversation with them. It sure made for a nice walk.

At one spot alongside the trail was this item.

At first sight the OFM jumped back since he thought it was a snake with a freshly eaten mouse inside of it. On more careful examination it is just a root with a big spot in its growth. Yep it was just a fast heart beat checkup event and we passed.

It was a busy day of taking care of chores and trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Backed into your site first try huh? I can't even get in a pull-through site first try.


  2. I believe that is a hickory nut. Thanks for the childhood memory.
    The neighbor didn't want them. We kids made his problem go away.
    We opened alot of those - stains your fingers.
    Glad your foot is back in good use.

  3. Is it possible to have too much fun?