Flooded Campsites


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9-20-2021

Rolling Date: after 9-22-21.

There was enough more rain to flood out portions of the campground. Those folks were given refunds for the unused part of their stay. We did not have a flooding trouble at our site.

Since tomorrow is final preparation day we made a long grocery list for our next travels. Tomorrow morning will be the grocery run and our normal preparation effort.

We did have a bit of surprise this afternoon. The OFM needed a break from the new painting effort. He decided to run through ALL the cabinets and drawers again looking for things that are no longer needed. To our surprise we got three Walmart plastic grocery bags of things and stuff to send to the dumpsters.

Since he has decided to specialize on colored pencil art, all the other art supplies were disposed of by gifting it away. As part of that process we were able to rearrange the cabinets contents and now have more room to NOT get more stuff. To our surprise we found an item that was lost a few years ago. How it got where it was is beyond our comprehension but now it is stored in a logical location.

Only two very short walks happened today. The rains kept on trying to catch us too far from the Castle to get back quick enough to stay dry, but we won that contest today.

We celebrated the moving day getting here with some Mexican food at a decent restaurant for lunch. Good Grief it was good and the OFM celebrated it with a bit of a nap afterward.

So overall it has been a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Can't wait till "we" get on the road with you at the helm.

    1. lol! I agree! I can't wait for some fishing and golf with the OFM!

  2. Hummm, what with global warming and all maybe there's something to be said for using a houseboat as a travel trailer - - -

  3. I have learned that instead of asking where should I put this I need to ask where would I look for this? That works so much better for me.