Morning Sun


Is It Really Happening?


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 9-21-2021

Rolling Date: TOMORROW

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It seems to be really happening. After several attempts to end the Alabama stay only to see the extension of the teams stay for a bit longer, we seem to be going to roll early in the morning. The OFM even took pictures of the evidence we are rolling tomorrow. Of course we have a few hours left for another delay to crop up, but we are very optimistic we will get to roll this time.

Hookup in the morning should be a twenty minute affair and then the Teams will be on the way to I-20 in Birmingham Alabama. It has actually been a very nice 6+ months stay but the tires are itchy and need rolling. The pent up energy needs to be moderated somewhat. The first night out will be a boondock at an I-20 rest area near Jackson Mississippi. It will be a nice cool night there since a cool front is due through there that morning.

The timing of the rolling is not our first choice since we will hit Texas going into a weekend with the normal extra crowding in campgrounds. Therefore we decided on three days of paid camping at Martin Creek Lake State Park for $37.50 with electric and a very nice clean dump station. That gets us through the Friday night and Saturday night with a gentle break in to travel again. Plus Sierra needs a new Texas inspection which is very convenient to the State Park.

While at the park we will enjoy some pleasant time with walking tree lined trails and, after we get a new Texas fishing license, some nice fishing in the lake. That sure sounds like a good way to work ourselves back into traveling mode again. OOPS we almost forgot that there is a Whataburger fairly close to the campground.


What a way to start a new phase of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Be safe out there Barney. Enjoy the "road music" tomorrow.

  2. Safe travels and have fun catching those fish!

  3. Safe travels. I so enjoy reading about your adventures!

  4. It is Wednesday morning (WA time) so with luck you're on your way to a new Whataburger! Safe travels...

  5. All four comments mention the word, "safe." I had no idea that you were such a reckless risk-taker that you needed reminding.

    1. There is a certain amount of risk in travel that you don't see staying at home. It is certainly manageable (like watching the weather and other news) but there is nothing wrong with using it as a salutation to someone who is going on the road.
      Besides, I've always liked "safe travels!".

    2. I think we all probably just mean it as a term of affection :)

  6. OK then. Off you go. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your new campground. I prefer country a little closer to the 100th meridian, but that too has its disadvantages. Hope your trip is good!