Time To Carry A Water Bottle


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 19, 2024

We chose to head out through the woods and along Flint Creek this morning. It turned out to be an excellent choice except for stepping crooked on a bit of a tree limb broken off and laying in the trail. The result was a bit of a twisted left ankle that slowed the Team down a bit. We can tell it is getting better as the day moved along. Probably one more day of gentle healing and we will be back in full activity mode.

However the good side is that oops slowed us just enough that the OFM spotted this very large pair of mushrooms hiding near a huge log. We have the OFM's left hand covering the mushroom. It was a very flat pancake in shape and size.

The trail was in pretty good walking shape. The air temp was great for fast walking and we went fast enough to need a good shower before lunch. We started taking water with us today and the timing was just right. We needed one good slug of water at the turning point to make it comfortably back to the Castle, This squeeze sauce bottle is the water bottle is what we use this early in the season for these couple of mile short walks.

On the way back there was a stiff posed heron at a pond near the trail. We stopped to get a picture of it from about60 feet. The heron never budged as we got things ready to take the shot. Then an instant before the OFM took the shot the heron shot his neck out and jerked back with a frog. And the two seconds later is what you see in the picture tonight.

A few seconds either way would have been a different picture entirely.

The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out what we want to do on September 15 about rolling. Later in the evening we got out a chair and spent a good hour sitting outside in the wonderful weather looking at the campsites around us and the beautiful sky above us. It is really hard to beat this campground most of the time for a nice location.

So tonight we plan to take it really easy since Memorial Day influx of folks starts tomorrow and things might be a good bit more active for the next week or more. The last day of school in this area is next Wednesday. The campground is totally sold out until into late July. School restarts August 1 this year. Then we get some peace and quiet again. At least it is mostly happy noise this time of the year.

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