Castle Bathing


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 24, 2024

We woke up to rain coming so the OFM got outside and rubbed Dawn dish soap on the front of the Castle in hopes the rain would clean off the ten year old dark layer of dirt without the OFM having to do much.

Much of the day was spent in little friendly visits all over the campground. Our route stayed in the campground so we could get back to the Castle when the rain showed up. Well the rain finally showed up but it was light and steady. All the trees that cover the campsite caught the rain drops and turned them into gentle droplets that hit with little force. So it worked out that the cleaning was in the 85% range which is good enough for a boon-docking rig like ours.

After the rain moved out of the area we tried to get in a real walk down by the creek but it did not work out just right due to intermittent little squalls coming through. We stopped and just enjoyed the view at the first opportunity and relaxed.

On the way back to the Castle we stopped and spent a good long time visiting one of the vendors. The vendor area was set up on the soccer field. It is very easy to access from the campground back door.

Who knows, we might just meander around there a bit tomorrow just to see what there is to see and report. The hot air balloons are due to show up tomorrow so that would be something else to enjoy. Who knows we might even find something interesting laying around in the place to report on.


  1. Happy you saved some labour cleaning the Castle, but dish soap strips the finish off the Gelcoat. Always use RV or Auto Soap. Now you will need to use Coconut Oil, to bring back the finish and shine.
    Better spent having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for the comment Rick. Readers please research the whole story on using dish soap on gel coated fiberglas to choose which way you clean fiberglas gel coated surfaces.