Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 22, 2024

After checking the weather forecast we decided it was time to switch to the hot weather paths in the park. So we sat down to the task and got one 2 mile path for sure that will be good in the hot weather. It is about 80% in tree shade and about 60% next to Flint Creek. Here is a typical picture of the trail style.

The right side of the picture is the bank of Flint Creek and most of the time has a nice breeze coming in from the south off the water of the creek to help fight the high heat in the area. In the winter it helps cool us off also but we do not need it then, so we walk the more inland trails to stay warmer.

Today the mass migration of folks to the campground started. Many families have relatives/friends staying here and most of them are planning huge parties for the whole long weekend. It is surprising how few spats occur between all the different styles of folks. Most disturbances seem to be settled with another beer and a taste of the BBQ etc from the location of the discussion. This campground is City Property and the police do come through enough times to keep it a good idea to be happy drunks. Overall it is usually a good but noisy place to be on Memorial Weekend.

The OFM spent some more time working on a coloring that is turning out to be a difficult piece of work. Mostly getting the right combination of colors, shadings and general appearance and blending of concepts to seem right. This is a desert scene and the gentle blend of desert colors can be a real difficult effort. The OFM is having a great challenge getting the whole scene to blend to be something he likes.

So overall you can see the OFM is having a great retirement. Have fun this weekend of party time.

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  1. It is necessary to plan having tooooo much fun, while taking the weather into consideration.
    The picture is coming along nicely.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy your weekend.

    It's about time.