Little Turtle


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 29, 2024

Here we are late again. The walk got off to a nice start this morning with a walk in shade to the dumpsters to get rid of yesterday's trash. Then we cut south through the campground again in the shade of the trees. Out the back exit of the campground and the soccer field came into view. We noticed the vendor tents had left brownish yellow patches in the grass. The trails in the grass from all the shopping feet trampling the grass was very conspicuous. The park grass maintenance folks were already well into the recovery effort needed so we think in a week or so the field will be ready for the soccer players to have at it.

About the same time the OFM paid attention that he was about to walk into the main street without looking both ways he noticed the new Pickle Ball structure roof was suddenly, this morning, going up very quickly.

They are making good progress on that structure now and we wish them good speed on it.

The OFM was heading to the start of the hike and bike trail at marker 0 when he noticed how hot and still it was out in the sun.

Check out that water mirror off Flint Creek. It was the beginning of a real summer hot day. Before the walk was finished we had an empty bottle in our pants pocket. That means it is time to up our carrying capacity and we will starting tomorrow.

The walk was nice but sweaty and the folks on the trail we nice and polite. Overall a rather nice walk. Very near the end of the walk we were near a slough and the OFM somehow noticed a small turtle sunning way over there. So we tried getting a picture of the small critter. The result is in the next photo. A blue line leads to the little turtle,

The next picture is the turtle at maximum zoom with a shaky OFM taking the picture.

The turtle looked to the OFM to be about three inches overall. Definitely a new-by to the real world, Good luck little turtle. And from there it was nice meander back to the Castle and this late night blog entry.

Back at the Castle we visited a few neighbors until something at the office over yonder happened and brought police, a fire truck and an ambulance into the park. With some luck we will get the story tomorrow for our readers.

In the mean time remember it is hot summer time outside tomorrow and be careful to wear hats and drink extra water until we acclimate to the new temperatures.


  1. Hi Barney, great advice on the warmer temps better to prepare than not.

    1. Yep followed my own recommendation and made it through another very nice 2.5 miles this morning comfortably.

  2. We each have a Two Litre Water Bottle that is insulated with a shoulder strap. We have come close to emptying them. Keep up the exercise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.