Caulk Maintenance


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 30, 2024

Twas a very busy day today and around 1500 the OFM just plain ran out of energy and had to put his ancient worn out old body down for a nice half hour nap. And then we put him to work again.

The walk this morning suffered from nice cool temperatures so his 2 mile plan got some added distance to check on a couple of things back in the main park. The main item was to see how the soccer field grass was doing. The great news is that it is coming back incredibly well and at high speed.

This afternoon they were mowing it already. WOW. We like to see the hundreds of folks a week out there enjoying the place with happiness just flowing all over the park.

As we said before keeping an RV of any style of size is a major maintenance chore. We are well into a total caulk maintenance project that we are spreading out enough that The OFM can do most of it himself. He needs the exercise for sure.

This is the left side of the Castle otherwise know as the drivers side or utilities side. All of the names are valid. You can the nice 20 year old ladder we carry for roof access from the ladder.

The OFM has been up on the ladder first scraping old caulk off if it has failed. And then scrubbing the grime left off the old area so the new caulk will adhere much better. Getting the old caulk off is pretty important on a nineteen year old rig like the Castle since the weathering of the old type of caulks cracked after ten to fifteen years and the Castle is a 2005 model AND been lived ever since it was built. It has way more wear than most RVs for its age. Additionally there has been major improvements in RV caulks in the last ten years. If we have to do this much work let us at least make it as much better as we can.

This next picture is from on top looking toward the front of the RV and you can see two of our solar panel that really serve us well when boon-docking. We have one other panel on the entrance door side for a total of 350 watts of panels. Part of all this maintenance is washing the top solar surfaces to move the power production back up to maximum since we are hoping to get to do a lot more boon-docking starting this September when we get to finally roll Westward.

And finally for tonight supper was stir fried onions and bell peppers with two eggs added at the last for a tasty stir fry. It sure was good.

That's it for tonight so we need to rest up for more adventure tomorrow. Have fun everyone.


  1. Hi Barney, nice job on the caulk repair. RV s do require alot of preventive maintenance. The rose bush looked real nice when you posted it. Have a great day Barney.

  2. Looks like a fine day of adventure seeking and maintenance, topped off with a tasty meal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having tooooo much fun.

    It's about time.