Left Foot Still Injured


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: May 19, 2024

Rough morning this morning. The left foot was taking revenge for the tripping on the piece of branch yesterday. So we stuck close to the Castle for awhile and piddled. Then off to shop for pants at Academy. Naturally they did not have them in stock in spite of what they claimed in the internet ad. From there we went to the Walmart close by and got a few grocery items and on back to the Castle.

After lunch the bed was calling loudly for our occupancy because the sprained foot was hurting. We slid into the prone position and took advantage of the opportunity to rest the foot some more.

To our surprise since the nap the foot is feeling a lot better. In fact so good we got busy processing the fresh vegetables for storage and stumbled to a packet of Knorr food for stoup. So we added stoup to our afternoon efforts and got all the vegetables put in proper storage as well as a very good pot of stoup made with two meals extra for later enjoyment.

Then after supper we did get a good walk in with permission from the left foot. This evening it seems that the left foot should be well on its way to totally healed in the morning. We sure hope so anyway.

New wind shield hanger tags for Sierra for the big weekend coming up were distributed and they are mounted and ready for our going and coming for the next few days.

That is about it for a day of lame ankle adventures. Rest easy every one and play gently this Holiday Week.

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