Under Painting


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-26-2021

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It has been a very full day to say the least. A good bit of the day was spent learning about and practicing a painting technique for colored pencil art named “under painting”. It is showing great promise but the OFM will need a lot of practice to get decent results from it. The concept is to do fundamental water color painting on the paper before doing the colored pencil.

It is definitely a big chore to us. The color of the under painting has to be carefully chosen as far as hue and value to properly complement the colored pencil work that goes on top of it. It is a lot for an old brain cavity to find place to store but the OFM is lucky to have lots of room up there.

Late after supper we hit the beach park to try for a photo or eight for the blog. We were successful. Our first picture is of the beach park cleaning table at the boat ramp. It is a pretty first class set up and heavily used. If you look carefully you can see the three dedicated pelican guards on duty. They take their job seriously.

The lead pelican is very serious about keeping an eye on it all. Good luck trying to out-stare that professional.

While we were there we shot SEVERAL sunset pictures from the cleaning station pier. It was not a particularly spectacular sunset tonight. However the wind was bad enough to keep the hordes of mosquitoes blown away. But the wind was also bad enough the OFM had to lean against pilings or the cleaning shack to get steady enough for a photograph.

The OFM almost forgot. We had enough wind this morning to keep the mosquitoes at bay that we got in a great 2 plus miles of walking on a warm but not hot morning. Having enough wind to keep the mosquitoes at bay makes it a lot better for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That sunset may not be spectacular in your world but it is in mine!

  2. Yes, fine sunsets indeed, and the pelicans are great. Serious for sure.

  3. So what subject matter are you using for this type of art? It sounds really interesting to me.

    1. Subject is not part of the concept. The under painting is hue and value to suit your painting final hues and values. For my colored pencil art, the under painting has two uses. One to keep the white paper dots out of the final painting. The other is to help get the fades, blends etc to be a hue that you want it to be in the final product. Be assured I do not have decent ability with this effort. There is lots of good stuff on the internet to assist in the learning curve. After using it a couple of times it seems like a good technique for OFM types.