Sting Ray


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-30-2021

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Incredibly busy day again. In fact the OFM ran out of go about 1530 and had an hour nap and it felt really good.

But back to the excitement at the beach park.

We noticed an extremely low tide today as we pulled into the park. As in from about a foot too much last night to about three fee low this morning. Looks like the north wind and the strong outgoing tide got together to make a special event of the day. It is usually about three feet deep where the bird is standing.

As we walked out onto the wooden pier a very unusual event was taking place. The OFM had never seen this event in all his decades of saltwater fishing.

The stingray was eating on a dead mullet in the very shallow water. A couple of other folks stopped to see what the OFM was taking pictures of. It was a new sight to all of us.

After a nice time we headed on out to the end of the pier where a large group of extremely friendly folks were busy catching all sorts of fishes.

This young man was learning how to catch pinfish to use for bait. By the time the OFM left, the young'un had the technique under control as you can see from this picture.

Suddenly the excitement got really wild. Randy had a major hookup get started. The fight was wild and strong. After twenty minutes he was getting the fish close to the pier. So the pier net was brought into play. It was still a good while before the net could be employed to finish of the fight.

The fish could finally be identified as a bull redfish. Randy finally got started on tagging the fish and measuring. 39 inches long. Gonna be some red fish grilling going on tonight.

And that is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Isn't any redfish over 30 inches illegal to keep??

    1. Actually it is 28 inches. Your license comes with a tag to let you keep one oversize red a year. In that picture Randy was trying to attach his tag.

  2. Yeah the regs are not too clear on exactly how that works!!