Morning Sun


Surprise Noise


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 10-15-2021

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We were sitting here at the computer doing incredibly important calculations when a loud POP happened right outside the kitchen window. The OFM hopped right up and moved the curtain to see what he could see. And all he could see was a heavy stream of water spraying on the side of the Castle.

Panic hit hard and the OFM made historic record time getting his shoes on to keep the burrs out of his feet.

When he rounded the corner of the Castle he saw the supply hose had burst and was washing the side of the Castle vigorously. The valve was cut off and the damage accessed. It turned out it was only a matter of cutting the split section out of the line and reattaching the line to the inlet fitting.

Here is the split in the dark splotch of the hose.

Here is the repair completed and back in service. It turned out to be an easy repair.

We were thrilled for this to be an easy and cheap repair for a change.

With the storms due in here about midnight, the OFM decided to give fishing one more try this evening. No fish bothered us at all but we did get this nice picture of the evening moon over the bay.

We spent most of the afternoon re-rigging both of our fishing rods back to using monofilament line to replace the braid we tried for three years. The OFM decided that the mono was better for our needs than the braid. We had noticed that a lot of the shore fishing old timers on the coast had tried braid for a few years but most of them doing our kind of fishing had gone back to mono. And the OFM found that to be a good move for our needs.

Messing with fishing gear a big part of the day was a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad it was an easy fix on the hose.Enjoy your fishing ☺️-Mary

  2. Let me guess.... You were given that hose as a present on your 50th birthday and it's been repaired so many times that now it's only 3 feet long and you just keep parking closer to the water hookup at the Park. Maybe a brand-new shiny hose that doesn't blow up while you're gone for the day would make a nice Christmas present for yourself. You might also look into a new water pressure regulator just in case the hose wasn't the problem.

    I'm still using braid on my spinning reel, I like it because it's thinner, so you can but more line on the reel, doesn't stretch so it's easier to set a hook, doesn't take a set, and is slippery so it casts farther. But it does take a special knot to keep it from coming loose, it's hard to cut without special scissors, and it also cost more.


    1. The braid on my rods had a really big trouble with bumping objects in the water and abrading noticeably. I also found the slippery coating wore off and the braid no longer was especially long casting. That same braid also got fuzzy from guide wear. I never had any knot troubles with braid like many folks. I never had any trouble with not enough line on my reels with mono. Cutting braid has not been a trouble for me either. It is a good product and if it works well for your fishing then it is a good application.

  3. It doesn't hurt every once in a while to disinfect your hose and water pipes. Disconnect your hose at the source, drain it, pour in bleach, reconnect your source; then run your water in the castle until the bleach is cleared.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I also use bleach to disinfect my onboard fresh water tank regularly.